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The plete DOS Collection Release 1 (1980-1989) 4308787 TPB

Posted on July 23, 2008 in Games » Pc Games , downloaded 12 times

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Here's what seems to be the most accurate DOS game fullset for the 1980-1989 era. The guys have the intention to continue and will likely publish 1990-2000 next year!


The DOS Collection

1980-1989 (DOS Golden Years)

Release 1


What is this?  


Here's a start of an archive of DOS games, named in a TOSEC inspired convention, accurately titled with publisher data and year of release, with flags for languages, hacked versions, bad dumps and everything else you'd come to expect in a "full set" of games. We wanted to finally put DOS in the same state of organization as all the console collections and other computers have enjoyed for years. Perhaps DOS was just too chaotic; too much work to organize before, but now that we've started, we hope you'll join in and help too. There's lots to do!

Yes, this collection is similar to other DOS torrents out there.  In fact, a lot of what you see here was originally sourced from other torrents, and we give full credit and kudos to those who have come before and put in all that work.  What we wanted to do was take it to the next level.  We wanted a higher standard of naming and accuracy, and to fill in the missing gaps.  You'll quickly see that this collection is more than just a re-hash of everything else that's out there. You'll find several titles that have never been released (to our knowledge) to the internet, different versions of games, lots of new non-English games, notes about individual titles, tools to help organize the collection on your hard drive and more.  Eventually we wish to publish screenshot packs, box covers, documentation and possibly even a GUI front-end to allow you to browse the games via the web and play them directly on your computer.  

This is just the beginning.

This torrent represents a year and half of work, and contains just shy of 2200 files, all dating from the dawn of the IBM PC (1981) up through 1989.

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