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The Darkness II Gore Patch-SKIDROW

Posted on February 10, 2012 in Games » Pc Games , downloaded 23 times , verified torrent

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The Darkness II Gore Patch-SKIDROW
DarknessII.exe   13.62 MB
Launcher.exe   267 KB
skidrow.nfo   14.86 KB

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the leading force

proudly presents
The Darkness II Gore Patch

10-02-2012........Release Date <-> Protection.........Steam + CEG
FPS..................Game Type <-> Disk(s)....................DOX


This patch will make both our and POSTMORTEM's version of this cool
game "unsensored" aka Gore edition

Another thing, this release do also fix the Launcher.exe not setting
language in POSTMORTEM.ini, but most foreign found out to manual set it
by themselves

Replace DarknessII.exe with the one from this version if you're using
our release. If you're using POSTMORTEM release, replace Launcher.exe
as well. Enjoy!


Inspired by the popular comic book series produced by Top Cow
Productions, Inc., The Darkness II is an intense first person shooter
that delivers a twisted and gripping narrative of tragedy, modern crime
drama, and supernatural horror

Players will be taken down the brutal and personal path of Jackie
Estacado, head of a New York crime family and wielder of an ancient and
ruthless force of chaos and destruction known as The Darkness

It's been two years since Jackie Estacado used The Darkness to kill the
men responsible for his girlfriend s murder. He s been unable to shake
the memory of Jenny's death since bottling up his supernatural power
and now The Darkness wants out. A sudden, unprovoked attack by a
mysterious organization known as the Brotherhood heralds the start of a
full-scale war and opens the door for The Darkness to reemerge, setting
Jackie on a journey to hell and worse


4-Player Co-op Campaign - Play as one of four unique characters each
capable of wielding weapons infused with Darkness powers

Quad-Wielding Chaos - Slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies with
the Demon Arms while simultaneously firing two weapons, adding a new
dimension to the FPS category

Harness an Unstoppable Power - Master the Demon Arms and summon the
powers of The Darkness for even more explosive gameplay

Kill the Lights - The vicious powers of The Darkness manifest only in
the shadows so use the environment to your advantage and watch out for
enemies who will use light as a weapon

Intense and Personal Journey - Experience a dark, twisted and gripping
story written exclusively for the game by acclaimed comic book author
Paul Jenkins whose credits also include The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine
and the original The Darkness game

Distinctive Graphic-Noir Style - Graphic novel shading and color
combined with the dramatic lighting of film noir pays tribute to the
source material and brings the pages of the comic series to life
Inspired by the popular comic book series created by Top Cow


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation
5. Play the game
6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!


To all friends of the family and honorable rival groups!

ascii art by the
godlike & terrific duo
malodix + irokos
titan artdivision


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