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Pandora's Box: A Man's Guide to the Female Mind

Posted on June 12, 2011 in Movies » Misc , downloaded 254 times

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Mp4+Mp3+PDF | h264 899kbps | English | 640x360 | 30fps | aac 128kbps | 5.25 GB
Genre: Video Training, ebook

The Pandora's Box System from Vin Di Carlo is an online course that helps men to understand women better. Vin Di Carlo is one of the most famous pick up artists in the world after a long history of creating products and seminars that sell very well. He has a large fan following of students that use his dating advice to get better with women. Amongst his other popular dating and pick up advice are The Attraction Code and Dominant Sexual Power. As chief editor at Dating Skills Review I review and oversee reviews by other editors for hundreds of dating advice for men products. Unfortunately a lot of them aren't very good.
For some reason dating and pick up advice attracts a lot of not very good products and services, fraudsters, scams and just not 'delivering on their promise' products. That's not the case for the Pandora's Box System from Vin Di Carlo. It is a pretty good product for someone who is struggling to understand women and offers good insights into how to understand them better and why they act the way they do. Especially where it comes to dating, attraction, love and romance.

Pandora's Box is a dating system (or psychological tool) that provides you with tactics and approaches towards women with different personalities and psychologies. It's premise is to give you some classifications of women in terms of psychology towards attraction and sex, and to show you what they are receptive to, what they resist or avoid and ultimately what is the approach that best fits them - and they are most comfortable with. It is actually the first part of the overall Pandora's Box program. The second part is a full 32 week subscription course, named 32 week PhD in Female Psychology.

So the way it is structured is that you sign up and get some ebooks to teach you the basics of the course, and then in order to get more detail and support on how to use the information you can stay on the 32 week PhD in Female Psychology for as long as you feel necessary (to the end if desired).

There are some great things about this program. But you know what. I'm going to jump straight in and tell you what is The BAD first. I find it's always helpful to start on the critical side.

Number one. This is an expensive program. You pay $69.95 for the initial ebook system. Then if you stay on for the 32 week PhD you'll pay $24.77 weekly. The first payment starts 14 days after you sign up (unless you decide to cancel within that period). At the moment it is one of the most expensive dating advice programs that you can buy as a result.

If you really want to see how this compares. Imagine that you stay for the full 32 weeks. You will pay just over $800 in total. Other dating companies, potentially not as good, run services of bootcamps for a weekend where you can get personal coaching for around $1000. The better ones are around $2500. Keep in mind that Pandora's Box System is a virtual program, and you are paying as much as a personal coaching program with some of the lower end coaches.

Another point is that there is a lot of marketing embedded in the product. It just gets a bit annoying when you are marketed to within products that you pay for. This includes things like promoting other products such as their bootcamps by telling you about things you can learn on them (but not giving you the information of course).

Also, in the initial ebook the implementation advice is pretty poor. Unless you are good with this stuff you may find it pretty challenging. If you stay on for the PhD program you will get more information to make it easier.

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