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Dev Samael Daval - chosen people nonsense (flash video) Tony Martin, Michael Jackson flv

Posted on November 26, 2009 in Misc » Others , downloaded 29 times

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Voice of Venom- Dev Samael Daval - chosen people nonsense (Documentary) (flash video).flv
Voice of Venom- Dev Samael Daval - chosen people nonsense (Documentary) (flash video).flv   202.18 MB

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This is a very interesting documentary.  People in the know should have already seen this. You can use VLC media player to play back flash video files. To learn more you can watch David Irving & Tony Martin - The Trade In African Slaves.  Here is the link  or just look for, The Trade In African Slaves.  

Here are some interesting books from Samael's site      

You can check out, Who Brought the Slaves to America,  on the pirate

The audio file, Zulu War Drum - History of Afrikans in Nazi Germany, is very interesting.  You can find that online or on here, mini nova.  

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