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DELL 595B (Bios Master Key Generator) - DJB3000.rar

Posted on March 18, 2011 in Software » Windows , downloaded 503 times

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DELL 595B (Bios Master Key Generator) - DJB3000.rar
DELL 595B (Bios Master Key Generator) - DJB3000.rar   5.55 KB

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Hi guys after many hours of searching the internet for a way to genearate
a Bios Master code for a Dell Laptop 595B Service Tag i stumbled upon this little gem!!!

This was made by a Russian hacker who goes by the name of HPGL so first of all many thanks to him!

it can unlock both the "Bios lock" and the "HDD Lock" (not sure if this works on all models)
tested on Latitude D630)


1) Run dell.exe

2) turn your pc or laptop on and you should see the screen that looks like this:

This computer system, #9LSSPJ3J-595B, is protected by a
password authentication system. You cannot access the data
on this computer without the correct password.

Please type in the administrator password
and press <Enter>

3) now enter the dell service tag LSSPJ3J-595B into the key-generator The key-generator will now generate
you a master Bios password for your system (input that into your Dell computer and you should be granted access!

4) I would also write this master password down for future use!

Once again i did not write this software i am just making it available to you guys who have had the same headache as me trying to find it for hours upon hours!


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