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DAZ 3D & Poser Creatures Pack I

Posted on February 3, 2011 in Software » Windows , downloaded 342 times

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DAZ 3D & Poser Creatures Pack I
Creatures.part4.rar   81.06 MB
Creatures.part2.rar   81.06 MB
Creatures.part3.rar   81.06 MB
Creatures.part1.rar   81.06 MB
Creatures.part5.rar   81.06 MB
Creatures.part6.rar   81.06 MB
Creatures.part7.rar   70.08 MB

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3D models for Daz 3D Studio and Poser with Creatures from Sci-Fi;Fantasy area.
When you install them make sure the path is x:\your DAZ main folder name\content.For Poser..srry i dont have it,but should select same path to install.To see location of each creature in Daz you can run a Search for new content or navigate into ReadMe's Folder and search for object name for more details.
Some models may require few models allready installed.
Example Biguana - Riding Lizard require Victoria 3.0, David Base, Aiko 3.0 Base, Hiro 3.0, Michael 3.0 Base, Stephanie 3.0 Petite Base , so make sure you have read the install notes in order to get a fully working model.
Wyvern 2.0 installer might be broken ,does not start,at least for me, feel free to test or delete and search on google for another upload maybe sharing websites.

Biguana - Riding Lizard
DinoKonda EP PLUS
Dragon Island
WarCow+Draconian Warcow Addons
Dragon of Burden+Extras
Eastern Dragon
Hatchling Dragon
Hatchling Dragon PLUS
Millennium Dragon 2 Dragonling
Millennium Dragon 2 Hatchling
Monster Rat
Night World Lycanthropos
NightWolf PLUS
Power Pixie
Spiky Dragon
The Legendary Griffin
The Wingless Wyrm
Water Dragon
Wyvern 2.0(posible broken..installer might not run..)

Enjoy these creatures and create best render scenes ever.If you like them you can buy them , devs teams deserve a support.
Dont be selfish,seed at least 1:1 size downloaded.

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