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Banned books and other great literature.part3.rar   100 MB
Banned books and other great literature.part4.rar   100 MB
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This is a collection of Rare and BANNED books. (and some other interesting stuff too)

Note: Reading these books could make you extremely smart, OR get you into trouble :yeah:

Having said that. Lets get to the good stuff.

Contents of Torrent:

The Joint Rolling Handbook
Hallucinogenic Plants - A Golden Guide
World 20 Population 20 Plan20
Roger Penrose - The Road to Reality (Knopf 2004)
illuminati - priory of zion, protocols of sion
Michael Ruppert - Crossing the Rubicon - Decline of the American Empire at the
end of the Age of Oil
Pearson Education - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Personal Finance in Your 20s
and 30s
occult chemistry
The Book of Overclocking - Tweak Your PC To Unleash Its Power eBook
Manly P Hall - The Secret Teachings of All Ages
Rosicrucians Past and Present - Wynn Westcott

Growing Marijuana 11 Books:
Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana
Clarke, Robert C - Marijuana Botany An Advanced Study
good info
how to grow marijuana hydroponically
How to Grow Medicinal Marijuana
How To Grow Weed
Marijuana Growers Handbook
the cannabis grow bible new
The Marijuana Grower's Guide
Marijuana Chemistry - Michael Starks (2nd edition 1990).pdf

ancient mysteries and freemasonry
Famous Freemasons
Freemason Bluebook
freemasonry - Albert Pike - Morals and Dogma (Complete)
Freemasonry - Early Legends of the Craft
Freemasonry - First Recorded Masonic Initiation in England
freemasonry - hermes trismegistus
freemasonry - Introduction to Masonic Rosicrucianism
freemasonry - Masonic Symbolism - Article from 1933
freemasonry - The Mystery Degrees - LM Scott 33rd
freemasonry and the ancient wisdom
freemasonry and western trad 2
freemasonry as hermetic art 1
freemasonry as hermetic art 2
Freemasonry Degree 3 - Master Mason
Freemasonry Global
Max Heindel - Freemasonry and Catholicism
Manly P Hall - The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry Or The Secret Of Hiram Abiff
History of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey - Part 1
kabbalah and freemasonry
mystical quest in freemasonry
point of initiation - freemasonry
the great work in freemasonry
the hidden gears of freemasonry
the quest motive in freemasonry
kabbalah and freemasonry
mystical quest in freemasonry
point of initiation - freemasonry
the great work in freemasonry
the hidden gears of freemasonry
the quest motive in freemasonry
Morals And Dogma - By Albert Pike
Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Scarlet and the Beast - A History of the War Between English and French
Secret Masonic Handshakes, Passwords, Signs and Grips for the Entered
Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master
History of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey - Part 1
Max Heindel - Freemasonry and Catholicism
Manly P Hall - The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry Or The Secret Of Hiram Abiff


Useful tips(Wordpad)
Tricks Of The Internet Gurus
Hackers Survival Guide
Hacking for Dummies 2
Hacking Into Computer Systems - Beginners
Maximum Security - A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Inter

Lockpicking Information Collection:
Do-it-Yourself Pick Case Making
Impressioning Manual for Amateur Locksmiths
Key Blank Directories
Kvikset Re-key Manual
Locksoft Glossary
MasterLock Pro Series Padlock Technical Manual (v4.01)
MasterLock v1.0a3 Algorithm
MIT Guide to Lock Picking (Ted the Tool, 1991)
Modifying a SouthOrd 8-Pin Tubular Pick to a 7-Pin
Secrets Of Lock Picking [Paladin Press, 1987]
Tubular Lockpicking
UL-437 Requirements (Primary Standard for Locks)
Ultimate Guide to Lockpicking
X-09 Type 1F (High Security Electronic Lock) Operating Instructions
Pick Templates

Occult Books:
6th and 7th Books of
A 7-Volume History of
A Complete Handbook of Natural
A True History of
A Witch
AE vanVogt - The

Aleister Crowley - 1907 diary
Aleister Crowley - Absinthe The Green
Aleister Crowley - Across The
Aleister Crowley - Aha!.zip
Aleister Crowley - An Evocation of Bartzabel - The Spirit Of
Aleister Crowley - Astral Travels of
Aleister Crowley - Book of
Aleister Crowley - Book of The
Aleister Crowley -
Aleister Crowley - Collected Works (txt).zip
Aleister Crowley - Concerning Blasphemy In
Aleister Crowley - Concerning Death [pdf].zip
Aleister Crowley - Diary Fragments 1907 (english).zip
Aleister Crowley - Diary Of A Drug Fiend (Excerpts).zip
Aleister Crowley -
Aleister Crowley - Ethyl
Aleister Crowley - Liber Resh Vel Helios [txt].zip
Aleister Crowley - Magic Without
Aleister Crowley - Magick in Theory and
Aleister Crowley - Meditation [txt].zip
Aleister Crowley - Not The Life And Adventures Of Sir
Aleister Crowley - On
Aleister Crowley -
Aleister Crowley -
Aleister Crowley - The Banned
Aleister Crowley - The Enochian Tablets and the Book of the
Aleister Crowley - The Enochian Tablets [txt].zip
Aleister Crowley - The Enochian
Aleister Crowley - The Gospel According to St. Bernard
Aleister Crowley - The Great Drug
Aleister Crowley - The Heart of the
Aleister Crowley - The High History Of Good Sir
Aleister Crowley - The Lost
Aleister Crowley - The Necronomicon [pdf].zip
Aleister Crowley - The
Aleister Crowley - The Old And New Commentaries To Liber A L [txt].zip
Aleister Crowley - The Paris
Aleister Crowley - The Stone of
Aleister Crowley - The Sword of
Aleister Crowley - The Temple of Solomon the
Aleister Crowley -

Alice Hoffman - Practical Magic V1.1 [html].zip
Allen Greenfield - A True History of
Art of True
Arthur Keri - DAMASK CIRCLE BOOK - Circle of
ArthurKeri - DAMASK CIRCLE BOOK - Circle of

Barry Walker - Earth
Basic Technologies of
Benjamin Rowe - The Book Of The
Benjamin Rowe - The Essential Skills of
Bill Heidrick - The Star Sponge and the Fifty Gates Two Passages to
Blum Ralph - The New Book Of
Book 1 of
Book 2 of
Borce T Gjorgjievski - History of Western

Caliph Hymenaeus Alpha -
Cassandra Eason - A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magick
Celtic Goddess
Charles G. Leland - Aradia Gospel of the Witches (1899).zip
Coelho Paulo - The
Complete Handbook of Natures
Crafting Ritual

Dr Martello - Weird Ways Of Witchcraft (HTML-PIC)
Drugs alcohol and the Pagan

EB - Raymond Buckland - ESP, Witches & UFOsUC - The Best
Enochian Magick Reference by Benjamin
Faust - The Black
Finding The Craft - story of a witch in
Frater Achad - 31 Hymns to the Star
Frater Achad -
Frater Achad - Liber
Full Moon

Gardner, Gerald B - Witchcraft Today (TXT-PIC-HTML-PDB)
Green, Marian - A Witch Alone (A Practical Handbook) (TXT-PIC-HTML-PDB)
Henry Cornelius Agrippa - Of
Herbs and their Magical
Hypnotism &
Index of the Golden Dawn
Julia Phillips - History Of Wicca In
K. Amber - The Basics of
Liber Gematria -

Magic and
Magick - Amazing New Mind Power
Magick and
Margaret Alice Murray - God Of The Witches (1933).zip
Miller Richard - The Magical And Ritual Use Of
Misc Texts on
Novus Ordo Aureae

Piers Anthony - Being A Green
Ray Eales - Transpersonal Psychology and the Methods of Instruction In The
Reginald Scots Collection of Magical
Richard Alan Miller - Magical and Ritual Use of
13.06.2004 19:35 29'272 Roger Dearnaley - Gardnerian Chronology
Ryan Parker - Rite Of The

Sams Candace - THE ORDER - Gryphons
Simon - The Necronomicon
So My Kid Is A
Spells (Various).zip
Spells of

Templum 99 - Chaos
Templum 99 -
Templum Pocket Guide Series 99 - Guide 2
That Old Black Magick - Getting Specific about Magical
The 8 Sabbats of
The Art & Meaning of
The Essential Skills of Magick by Benjamin
The Gardnerian Book of
The Greater Key of
The Hon. Charles A. Legge - Findings of Fact and Conclusions of
The Library Of Knowledge - Occult
The Ritual Magic(Druidic).zip
The Roots of
The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. (PDF).zip
The Structure Of Magic Vol II by Richard

Wicca - A Practical Guide To Witchcraft And Magic Spells (v1.5) [html].zip
Wicca - Reading Tea Leaves By A Highland Seer V1.5 [html,txt].zip
Wicca 101 - Instruction [TXT][DOC].zip
Wicca 102 - Instruction [TXT][DOC].zip
William R. McGrath, B.A., N.D. - Common Herbs for Common
Wilson Robert Anton - The Illuminatus!

Creative Science & Research Documents:
(What you need to know to make FREE ENERGY)

Radiant Energy Book
Free electricity from the Phone Co
Fuel-less Engine 1-50Hp 1
Fuel-less Engine 50-350Hp
Capacitor Step-Up Transformer
Fuel-less Engine 1-50Hp 2
Free Electricity From The Sky 1
Free Energy from the Sky 2
Tesla Coil
3100kv from a Bike Generator
Permanent Magnet Motor
Reuse Fluorescent Bulbs
50000 Vdc Power Supply
Make your own Light Bulbs
Tesla turbine
Homemade Batteries
Air Engine
Homemade Solar Cells
Anti gravity Aircraft
Free Energy from the Earth
Spiral Coil Generator SP500
5000 Watt Inverter
Capacitors That Recharge Themselves
Fuel-less Heater
Fuel-less Heater 2
Roof Cleaner
Make High Voltage Diodes
Fuel From Water Part 1
Fuel-less Gravity Engine
High Efficiency Generator HFG9
Make Your Own High Voltage Capacitors
Make Your Own High Voltage Electromagnets
Screen Printing Booklet
Screen Printing Press
Free Energy Motors and Generators files and pics.rar

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