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Cilla Black Box Set Plus 3 albums

Posted on December 11, 2007 in Music » Pop , downloaded 178 times

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Cilla Black
Cilla Black- 01 Anyone Who Had A Heart.mp3   2.62 MB
Cilla Black- 02 Kiss You All Over.mp3   3.72 MB
Cilla Black- 03 Step Inside Love.mp3   2.18 MB
Cilla Black- 04 If You Could Read My Mind.mp3   3.35 MB
Cilla Black- 05 Beginnings.mp3   3.56 MB
Cilla Black- 06 Beautiful Goodbye.mp3   3.84 MB
Cilla Black- 07 Surround Yourself With Sorrow.mp3   2.41 MB
Cilla Black- 08 Imagine (feat. Cliff Richard).mp3   3.36 MB
Cilla Black- 09 Let There Be Love.mp3   2.29 MB
Cilla Black- 10 Conversations.mp3   3.82 MB
Cilla Black- 11 It's For You.mp3   2.16 MB
Cilla Black- 12 This Kiss.mp3   3.02 MB
Cilla Black- 13 My Man (You've Changed My Tune).mp3   3.21 MB
Cilla Black- 14 Alfie.mp3   2.43 MB
Cilla Black- 15 Something Tells Me (Somethings Gonna Happen Tonight).mp3   2.27 MB
Cilla Black- 16 Photograph.mp3   3.54 MB
Cilla Black- 17 I've Been Wrong Before (2003).mp3   3.38 MB
Cilla Black- 18 You've Lost That Lovin Feelin.mp3   2.89 MB
Cilla Black- 19 You're My World.mp3   2.72 MB
Cilla Black- 20 Anyone Who Had A Heart (Late Night Version).mp3   8.82 MB
Cilla Black- 01 Through The Years.mp3   4.14 MB
Cilla Black- 02 Orchestral Version.mp3   4.39 MB
Cilla Black- 03 The Feelings Just Get Stronger.mp3   3.9 MB
Cilla Black- 04 Through The Years (Do You Remember).mp3   4.34 MB
Cilla Black- 02 That's What Friends Are For.mp3   4.06 MB
Cilla Black- 03 Here,There and Everywhere.mp3   2.35 MB
Cilla Black- 04 Heart And Soul.mp3   3.57 MB
Cilla Black- 05 Anyone Who Had A Heart.mp3   3.16 MB
Cilla Black- 06 A Dream Come True.mp3   2.9 MB
Cilla Black- 07 You'll Never Walk Alone.mp3   3.17 MB
Cilla Black- 08 Streets Of London.mp3   4.96 MB
Cilla Black- 09 You're My World.mp3   3.52 MB
Cilla Black- 10 From A Distance.mp3   3.89 MB
Cilla Black- 11 Will You Love Me Tomorrow_.mp3   3.41 MB
Cilla Black- 12 Through The Years (Reprise).mp3   3.88 MB
Cilla Black- 01 baby don't change your mind Van Mac Coy.mp3   2.81 MB
Cilla Black- 02 sometimes when we touch.mp3   3.75 MB
Cilla Black- 03 just the way you are.mp3   3.61 MB
Cilla Black- 04 talking in your sleep.mp3   2.81 MB
Cilla Black- 05 you don't bring me flowers.mp3   3 MB
Cilla Black- 06 how deep is your love.mp3   3.56 MB
Cilla Black- 07 bright eyes.mp3   3.66 MB
Cilla Black- 08 don't cry for me Argentina.mp3   5.4 MB
Cilla Black- 09 when will I see you again.mp3   2.72 MB
Cilla Black- 10 you need me.mp3   3.16 MB
Cilla Black- 11 if you leave me know.mp3   3.75 MB
Cilla Black- 12 when I need you.mp3   4.02 MB
Cilla Black- 13 knowing me knowing you.mp3   4.01 MB
Cilla Black- 14 still.mp3   4.73 MB
Cilla Black- 15 when a child is born.mp3   3.5 MB
Cilla Black- 16 do that to me one more time.mp3   3.74 MB
01-Love Of The Loved.mp3   2.84 MB
02-Shy Of Love.mp3   3.02 MB
03-Anyone Who Had A Heart.mp3   3.74 MB
04-Just For You.mp3   2.77 MB
05-You're My World.mp3   3.64 MB
06-Suffer Now I Must.mp3   1.53 MB
07-It's For You.mp3   3.06 MB
08-He Won't Ask Me.mp3   3.12 MB
09-You've Lost That Loving Feeling.mp3   4.24 MB
10-Is It Love.mp3   3.73 MB
11-I've Been Wrong Before.mp3   2.91 MB
12-I Don't Want To Know.mp3   3.59 MB
13-Love's Just A Broken Heart.mp3   3.27 MB
14-Yesterday.mp3   3.25 MB
15-Alfie.mp3   3.57 MB
16-Night Time Is Here.mp3   2.51 MB
17-Don't Answer Me.mp3   3.79 MB
18-The Right One Is Left.mp3   3.37 MB
19-A Fool Am I (Dimmelo Parlami).mp3   3.5 MB
20-For No One.mp3   2.56 MB
21-What Good Am I.mp3   4.29 MB
22-Over My Head.mp3   3.82 MB
23-I Only Live To Love You.mp3   3.72 MB
24-From Now On.mp3   2.42 MB
01-Step Inside Love.mp3   3.11 MB
02-I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You.mp3   3.72 MB
03-Where Is Tomorrow_.mp3   3.66 MB
04-Work Is A Four Letter Word.mp3   2.98 MB
05-Surround Yourself With Sorrow.mp3   3.24 MB
06-London Bridge.mp3   4.32 MB
07-Conversations.mp3   5.38 MB
08-Liverpool Lullabye.mp3   3.56 MB
09-If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind.mp3   3.59 MB
10-It Feels So Good.mp3   3.43 MB
11-Child Of Mine.mp3   3.86 MB
12-That's Why I Love You.mp3   3.33 MB
13-Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight).mp3   3.27 MB
14-La La La Lu.mp3   3.55 MB
15-The World I Wish For You.mp3   3.07 MB
16-Down In The City.mp3   4.6 MB
17-You You You.mp3   3.78 MB
18-Silly Wasn't I.mp3   2.77 MB
19-Abyssinian Secret.mp3   2.96 MB
20-Trees And Loneliness.mp3   3.47 MB
21-There I Go (Se Per Te C'e Soltanto Quell'uomo).mp3   4.24 MB
22-Time.mp3   3.22 MB
23-M'innamoro (Step Inside Love - Italian Version).mp3   2.22 MB
24-Non C'e' Domani (Where Is Tomorrow_ - Italian Version).mp3   2.5 MB
01-Fever (Excerpt).mp3   836 KB
02-A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues.mp3   2.55 MB
03-(Love Is Like A) Heatwave.mp3   2.91 MB
04-Some Things You Never Get Used To.mp3   3.42 MB
05-Poor Boy.mp3   2.36 MB
06-Shotgun.mp3   3.7 MB
07-The Cherry Song.mp3   3.4 MB
08-Please Don't Teach Me To Love You.mp3   3.32 MB
09-Anytime You Need Me.mp3   3.38 MB
10-Only You Can Free My Mind.mp3   3.07 MB
11-All My Love.mp3   2.57 MB
12-Step Inside Love (Original Demo).mp3   2.67 MB
13-Work Is A Four Letter Word (Film Version).mp3   1.44 MB
14-Step Inside Love (First Take).mp3   3.21 MB
15-Your Heart Is Free (Just Like The Wind).mp3   4.24 MB
16-On A Street Called Hope.mp3   3.67 MB
17-Changes.mp3   4.64 MB

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The Abbey Road Decade 1963 to 1973

Love Songs (1980's K-Tel recordings)

Through The Years (1990's album)

Beginnings (2005 Album)

A good selection from our Cilla. - Those of you who like the Beatles but don't know who Cilla Black is - check her out - John and Paul wrote several songs just for her.

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