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Charles Web Debugging Proxy v3.5.1 [IsolatedSoul5591]

Posted on January 17, 2010 in Software » Mac , downloaded 96 times

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CharlesWebDebuggingProxy_v3.5.1.dmg   6.92 MB
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Product Description:
Charles is a web proxy (HTTP Proxy / HTTP Monitor) that
runs on your own computer. Your web browser (or any
other Internet application) is then configured to access
the Internet through Charles, and Charles is then able to
record and display for you all of the data that is sent and

In Web and Internet development you are unable to see
what is being sent and received between your web
browser / client and the server. Without this visibility it is
difficult and time-consuming to determine exactly where
the fault is. Charles makes it easy to see what is
happening, so you can quickly diagnose and fix

Charles makes debugging quick, reliable and advanced;
saving you time and frustration!


SSL Proxying – view SSL requests and responses in plain
Bandwidth Throttling to simulate slower Internet
connections including latency
AJAX debugging – view XML and JSON requests and
responses as a tree or as text
AMF – view the contents of Flash Remoting / Flex
Remoting messages as a tree
Repeat requests to test back-end changes
Edit requests to test different inputs
Breakpoints to intercept and edit requests or responses
Validate recorded HTML, CSS and RSS/atom responses
using the W3C validator

What's New?
Minor bug fixes.
--> Repeat advanced tool: fix bug which caused it to
stop prematurely after a number of requests
--> Auto save tool: fix bug where "Enable on startup"
didn't work

--> Open folder & mount dmg
--> Drag app to your applications folder
--> Use registration info from .txt file
--> Done!

--> IsolatedSoul5591

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